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New Event Dates Announced!

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Sound Advice is pleased to welcome our new sound engineer, Josh Bishop, on board with us! 

Sound Advice is pleased to announce our latest schedule additions: Territory Days & Gold Rush Days

Sound Advice is in the process of filling up their calendar for this season!

Sound Advice is so happy to bring on Bill Knox on Bass!


Sound Advice is very happy to welcome Mike Suydam on lead guitar, Scott Lopez on rhythm guitar/keys & Kevin Smith on bass to our band!


Please check out our News Clip from Territory Days!



Sound Advice is so grateful to Brent Wright for helping Sound Advice with our Gold Rush Days gig! Thank you Brent!

Sound Advice bids farewell to Bill Knox on bass and welcomes Pat Scott in his place. We are so sad to see Bill go due to his health conditions and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Sound Advice is so grateful to Mick Hogan for stepping up, where Bob let us down, to help us perform at Territory Days! Thank you Mick!


Sound Advice is pleased to be on Pro-Promotion's list of assigned musicians for upcoming local festivals and events. Territory Day's & The 30th Anniversary of the Veteran's Rally.

Sound Advice is proud to be part of the upcoming Salute to the American Veterans Rally on August 19th!

vet rally_2022
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