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10 rising rock bands to watch this year

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Is rock music making a comeback 2023?

Many of the most popular bands in the world were playing arenas and stadiums across the globe, and their songs were constantly on the radio. The rise of rock music in 2023 is predicted to bring back the sound of rock music that was popular in the mid 80's - 90's. This will include genres like punk, indie, grunge and hard rock.

Now lets talk rock + metal artists and who we feel will blow up in 2023. Using an analysis” of what users are listening to along with “programmer insights”, our teams know agents, record deals, gigs etc. are booked and what press releases that have come up with what rock bands will make big impacts in 2023.

Many of their picks are metal or hardcore bands that are regularly covered here.


Progressive metal band Architects had a stellar 2022. They landed on both Loudwire’s 50 Best Songs of 2022 list with their banger “When We Were Young” and our 50 Best Albums of the year with The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit. Their latest record is “infuse(d) with a blast of energy,” using “layers of electronic and industrial elements… that sets the cinematic moodscape for an 11 track ride.” It’s worth everything that a fan was so obsessed with the band that she listened to one Architects song 32,000 times on Spotify in 2022.

Bad Omens

Bad Omens vocalist Noah Sebastian lamented to their 2022 album, The Death of Peace of Mind. Sebastian thinks the metalcore artists hadn’t come into their own on their first two records and is only satisfied with their sound now. Gushes about their their latest. “Bad Omens materialize with ghostly atmospherics, striking hooks and sensual high-register harmonies… (they) present an uncompromising and undeniable vision on (their new album.)” The Death of Peace of Mind is also on Loudwire’s Best Albums of 2022 and their hit “Like a Villian” is on the Best Songs list.

Memphis May Fire

Metalcore outfit Memphis May Fire released the well-received Remade in Misery this year. This is the heaviest MMF record to date, “channeling a generation’s worth of angst (and) frustration with… gigantic melodic hooks and crushing aggression.” They are hitting the road with Parkway Drive and Currents next year.


With last year’s Album of the Year selection, Eternal Blue, Spiritbox toured with two of 2022’s hottest bands, Ghost and Mastodon. And the heavy metal act locked up their first ever headlining tour in 2023 as well. The following the unlikely charting success of Eternal Blue, recognizing that it “topped the Billboard top 200 at No. 13 in the U.S., No. 1 in Canada, broke the Top 10 in Australia and the Top 20 in the U.K. and Germany.”


A mainstay on the U.S. festival circuit this summer, the Swedish electropop metal rockers Solence are one to keep an eye on. Given their “huge international following” and their collaboration with “hit songs from (pop artists) Bebe Rexha and Jason Derulo,” Pandora believes Solence is ready to take over the world. Here’s a link to their standout song “Rain Down.”


Post-hardcore darlings Dayseeker put out their their latest album, Dark Sun, about a month ago (Nov. 4). This one is “set to catapult the band beyond the scene’s stratosphere.” With successful outings at some big summer festivals behind them as well as a supporting slot on Bad Omens summer tour, Dayseeker is also on our Best 50 Songs of 2022 list with “Neon Grave.”

Eva Under Fire

The brainchild of clinical psychologist/lead singer Eva Marie, Eva Under Fire delivers “a message of hope during these uncertain times,”. They say the Detroit rockers new album Love, Drugs & Misery “combines soaring melodies and relentless riffing” along with impressive vocals from Marie. Marie also has penned some thought-provoking articles for MarkMeets on body image and substance abuse.

Fame on Fire

Hybrid hip-hop/metalcore band Fame on Fire is “unpretentious, honest, and boldly brash,” Take a listen to their growly cover of Paramore’s “Misery Business” online.


Indie-Rock band Loveless built their brand on covers such as Elley Duhe’s “Middle of the Night,” but they are ready to cash in on that cache with their original music and a “sound entirely their own.”

Rain City Drive

With their lead singer (Matt McAndrew) being featured on NBC’s The Voice, predicts rock band Rain City Drive is poised for a big 2023. Heavy riffs and pop melodies run through their self titled debut, convincing Pandora that RCD is positioned to “make new waves within a genre ready for a shake up.”

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